Prepping for the Exhibit

IMG_3811Two days until the Annual Fish Fry for the Friends of the Kaw and I am nearly ready!  Today I figured out which pieces to hang in the show.  There are 13 total.  We’ll seIMG_3752e if they all fit.  I am so happy I finished the Sunflower painting just in time!  It is called “Toward the Sun” and will be the largest piece in the show.  My husband framed it last night.  This is actually a record for us having everything framed and ready to be hung two days in advance!  Yea team!  Here is a photo of Marcos hard at work in the frame shop.  Such a good assistant!

After lots of staring and thinking and imagining what will go where (such and exhausting job!), I got to work on some new business cards.  I have a stamp with all my info, so its super fast to make my own carIMG_3819ds.  Plus each one is different, which is way more fun than passing out the same old card everywhere I go.  I made this batch on thin pieces of wood.  I stamped one side and painted the backs.  Come to the Fish fry to get your own handmade original Emily Markoulatos business card!  Hope to see you there!

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