KPR Summer Show

I have a show up at the KPR studios work space until the end of August.  If you have never been to the KPR studio in Lawrence, you should check it out.  The building is beautiful, and so are the people who work there!  It is located on the North end of the KU campus.
IMG_6190IMG_6192After you find the building, ask for directions to their conference room, and you will see the show!  Thanks for visiting!

You can see more here!


2 thoughts on “KPR Summer Show

  1. The end of August or September? It’s almost the end of September. We’ll see you next weekend for monarch tagging! We will leave after school on Friday, so we can be there Saturday morning. If your show is up, we will want to see it!

    Love you! Mom xoxo

    “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa


    • I posted this in the wrong spot on my website in July, so today I switched it…a little late! The show is already down! Its ok though. I’m getting ready for Art Walk at the end of October. Its going to be big!

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