Art Scouts!

I just attended the most amazing professional development workshop!  How many times have you heard that statement?  Art teachers are really the best and craziest bunch of people, and when we get together, watch out.  Art Scouts summer camp was an amazing experience.  Four famous art teachers from Ohio and Tennessee collaborated to offer this 2 day workshop to 50 lucky art scouts.  Most of the scouts in attendance currently teach art in elementary or middle school settings.  As a pre-service teacher I learned so much just through  conversations with these creative teachers.   It was so inspiring to be amongst such a fun group of people from all across the USA who share a common belief…that art education is essential!

Here are some of the highlights from camp:  Sun printsIMG_8521

Needle felted painters palette hair clips:

Paper plate weaving, monoprints with gelli plates, and washable marker prints:


Air dry clay farm animal pinch pots and pinch pot dogs, which I intend to paint:

And of course, the experience of just being in the awe-inspiring art room of the amazing Cassie Stephens! Her students are so lucky to get to create in this space.

There was so much more, all packed into two amazing days of creative learning…my favorite kind of learning!  I can’t wait for the next Art Scouts camp!

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