Theater Lawrence Exhibit

Last month I was contacted by Theater Lawrence to exhibit my artwork.  Someone on the schedule had dropped out, and they were searching for an artist to fill the space.  I was excited, yet worried about having enough art for their gallery.  I have been selling art without making more.  It seems that Graduate school takes a lot of time, even in the summer.  I took a summer class, helped to re-write the syllabus for the class I will be the GTA of next semester, went to an amazing professional development camp, all the while chauffeuring my talented daughters to all of their summer activities.  Sadly, my art-making was put on the back burner.  The call from Theater Lawrence was a chance to correct that mistake.  In the last three weeks I worked like a crazy lady to create many new works, ELEVEN of which are in the show now on exhibit at the Theater Lawrence!  Here is a sneak peek…

IMG_8760IMG_8759The lower image is a photo of the “Ice and Fire” wall.  These are all watercolor paintings.  I had this fun idea to create a show all about ice and fire.  The conflicting elements are powerful and full of polar energy, and I couldn’t get past this idea for a show.  I was so excited, but only had a few weeks to work, so I decided to get out the ol’ watercolor set.  Here’s a little bit of history…WAAAY back in college I was obsessed with watercolors.  I took the only watercolor class offered at ISU at that time (1996), as well as an independent study which was entirely focused on watercolor.  I took my watercolor travel kit to every coffee shop in Ames, Iowa, painting whenever possible.  I even won an award at Iowa State, for a watercolor painting.  This one:  photo 2Anyway, the point is that though a bit rusty with the medium, I was excited to dive in and explore it again, after the extensive hiatus.  I painted a bunch of Iceland inspired watercolors before decided to paint fire.  It was ironic to paint fire with the wet on wet watercolor technique.  Although, surprisingly, a firey likeness came from the watery brush.  I am very happy with these paintings, which are the beginning of something more…

IMG_8758Lastly, I must mention that I’ve been thinking about Iceland a lot lately.  I have been there twice, and it is out-of-this-world amazing.  I told my family, that this is where we will escape to if the next presidential election does not go in our favor.  The idea of hiking on the disappearing glaciers once more, drinking the pure water, and living among people who bang pots and pans when they protest their government is very tempting.  So, that is the reason behind so many Iceland inspired paintings in this show.  I hope you can visit and see them in person!  If not, there are more detailed shots of individual works on my Instagram page.  You can follow me on Instagram at emilymarkoulatosart.


Art Scouts!

I just attended the most amazing professional development workshop!  How many times have you heard that statement?  Art teachers are really the best and craziest bunch of people, and when we get together, watch out.  Art Scouts summer camp was an amazing experience.  Four famous art teachers from Ohio and Tennessee collaborated to offer this 2 day workshop to 50 lucky art scouts.  Most of the scouts in attendance currently teach art in elementary or middle school settings.  As a pre-service teacher I learned so much just through  conversations with these creative teachers.   It was so inspiring to be amongst such a fun group of people from all across the USA who share a common belief…that art education is essential!

Here are some of the highlights from camp:  Sun printsIMG_8521

Needle felted painters palette hair clips:

Paper plate weaving, monoprints with gelli plates, and washable marker prints:


Air dry clay farm animal pinch pots and pinch pot dogs, which I intend to paint:

And of course, the experience of just being in the awe-inspiring art room of the amazing Cassie Stephens! Her students are so lucky to get to create in this space.

There was so much more, all packed into two amazing days of creative learning…my favorite kind of learning!  I can’t wait for the next Art Scouts camp!

Scholarship Show

Its been a while since my last post.  This is because I’ve been completely swamped with school!  It’s not all fun and games.  But some of it is.  In fact, this weekend should be great! Tomorrow I will hang some art that I’ve made in my last two semesters at KU.  I’ve got sculptures and fibers now!  The exhibit is the “Scholarship show” in Chalmers hall.  I’m excited to see the work of all the talented KU visual arts students.  The opening is this Sunday from 2-4 pm, so come by if you can.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things I’m putting in the show.

Lawrence Artwalk 2015

The Artwalk is next weekend!  Aaaaack!  True, I’m stressed, but I’m actually super excited about it.  It has just been hard to prioritize and balance everything going on right now with graduate school.  But I am done with my homework for the week and I’m in full Artwalk zone!  This year’s Artwalk features the grand reveal of the studio space!  For those of you who do not know, the Lawrence Artwalk highlights local artists and their studios.  It is basically a studio tour, with works for sale.  I never did the studio tour part before, as my studio was tiny and upstairs in our house.  Over the past year my husband and I have worked to finish the garage and move the studio space to the new garage loft.  My husband is a mechanic, so he was equally motivated to get this done.  I wanted to remove my space from my home to limit the distractions.  Also, our eldest child decided that she needed her own bedroom…  The planets aligned and we are working hard to be ready for next weekend!  Here is what it looks like now.  The railing needs to be done, and then we’re good to go.  To see more of what the Lawrence Artwalk has to offer, click here!  And also, follow me on Instagram!  Hope to see you next weekend!


KPR Summer Show

I have a show up at the KPR studios work space until the end of August.  If you have never been to the KPR studio in Lawrence, you should check it out.  The building is beautiful, and so are the people who work there!  It is located on the North end of the KU campus.
IMG_6190IMG_6192After you find the building, ask for directions to their conference room, and you will see the show!  Thanks for visiting!

You can see more here!


Spring Sprang Sprung

IMG_0233Its SPRING!  And I have a Final Fridays art exhibit that is celebrating this favorite season!  Please come to the Bourgeois Pig tomorrow from 5-9 for the opening reception.  If you can’t make it, stop by sometime before April 23rd, when the show comes down.  I’m really excited about the flowery birdie brightness of this show, and of the season in general.  Everything just springs to life in the Spring!  Here are a few sneak peeks of what is in the show.  IMG_0237IMG_0239

Art Auction 2015

The art auction exhibit is open and the early bidding has begun!  I went to the preview party last night.  There is some amazing art this year, donated by some amazing artists!  I didn’t take any pictures, so you have to go to see for yourself, but here is the piece that I donated this year.


It is titled “Canna” and valued at $135.  It is in the silent auction and already has a couple of bids.  This piece was made in 2014 and is painted in acrylic on wood burned panel.  The auction is a benefit for the Lawrence Arts Center, and the live auction will be on April 11.  You can go anytime between now and then to place your silent bids.  The donated art fills all three of the Arts Center’s galleries!  It is really impressive, and I love being a part of it.  Please go and support the local arts!  XO

More on my plate

Since raising kids, a part time job, making art every day, and running the household isn’t enough on my plate, I decided to go back to school!  I am now a graduate student in Art Education at The University of Kansas!  It is exciting and exhausting at the same time.  I still can’t believe I’m doing it at 38 years old, but you’re never to old to learn.  Although, as I’m taking night classes, I do think that sometimes it might be too late at night to learn.  Its a challenge!  One of my current classes is the “Intro to metals and Jewelry” studio Pinwheel bracelet.  Our first project was to make something based on a toy.  It had to have a moving element, rivets, and piercing.  I based mine on a pinwheel and made it into a bracelet.  The pinwheels spin, and each of those little stars took an hour to saw.  I didn’t even calculate how long they took to sand and finish!  This process really makes me appreciate the speed of painting.


Back on the home front, we are still finishing the garage, where my art studio will be.  We hope to be done next month.  I’ve been working out there when I can, but mostly still paint in the house.  This week I started 4 new paintings for my show next month at the Bourgeois Pig.  I will be in the Final Fridays show on March 27, and my work will be up during the month of April.  The Bourgeois Pig is a small space.  I might have 10 pieces in the show.  More on that later.  For now, here is a shot of my handsome husband working in the soon-to-be art studio.


The big art exhibit

It is 8 days before the Wheatfields show.  This is the big one!  I have had this scheduled for nearly 2 years.  I am so excited to be in the final stretch!  Wheatfields cafe is a popular downtown Lawrence restaurant and bakery with lots of wall space.  I’ll have old and new pieces in this show.  Since I’ve had so many little shows lately (3 in the last 3 months) I wanted to make at least 1 new big painting for the Wheatfields exhibit.  My newest piece, the giant Sunflower painting just sold!  I was thrilled, but also a little bummed that it won’t be in this show.  I can’t really complain about that though.  This new painting, which I finished yesterday and is now waiting on a frame, is called Blooming Konza.  It is not quite as big at the Sunflowers, but it will fill a big wall at Wheatfields.  Here she is on the left.  The right image is a detail of the piece.  It has a good amount of texture in the foreground.  If you can stop by Wheatfields between Dec 15- February 15, please do!  IMG_4485

"Blooming Konza" Acrylic and oil bar on canvas $575

“Blooming Konza” Acrylic and oil bar on canvas $575

Artwalk 2014

"Another Delicious Year" Acrylic on Canvas $125

“Another Delicious Year” Acrylic on Canvas $125

It is finally coming together!!!!  It has been a manic last couple of weeks, painting, framing, and cleaning, but i’m feeling pretty ready for this weekend’s Artwalk.  If you haven’t experienced it before, you should definately check out Artwalk.  It is a fun weekend in Lawrence, KS where artists open their studios to the general public.  Art lovers travel around town observing, experiencing, and hopefully even buying art!  A map of this year’s artists is here.  (I’m the J on the map).  My hours are Saturday the 25th, 10am-5pm, with a public reception 6-10pm.  Last night, I updated the For Sale section of this website.  If you want a sneak peek at what will be on display Saturday, check it out!  But mostly, I hope to see you all at Artwalk 2014!