Theater Lawrence Exhibit

Last month I was contacted by Theater Lawrence to exhibit my artwork.  Someone on the schedule had dropped out, and they were searching for an artist to fill the space.  I was excited, yet worried about having enough art for their gallery.  I have been selling art without making more.  It seems that Graduate school takes a lot of time, even in the summer.  I took a summer class, helped to re-write the syllabus for the class I will be the GTA of next semester, went to an amazing professional development camp, all the while chauffeuring my talented daughters to all of their summer activities.  Sadly, my art-making was put on the back burner.  The call from Theater Lawrence was a chance to correct that mistake.  In the last three weeks I worked like a crazy lady to create many new works, ELEVEN of which are in the show now on exhibit at the Theater Lawrence!  Here is a sneak peek…

IMG_8760IMG_8759The lower image is a photo of the “Ice and Fire” wall.  These are all watercolor paintings.  I had this fun idea to create a show all about ice and fire.  The conflicting elements are powerful and full of polar energy, and I couldn’t get past this idea for a show.  I was so excited, but only had a few weeks to work, so I decided to get out the ol’ watercolor set.  Here’s a little bit of history…WAAAY back in college I was obsessed with watercolors.  I took the only watercolor class offered at ISU at that time (1996), as well as an independent study which was entirely focused on watercolor.  I took my watercolor travel kit to every coffee shop in Ames, Iowa, painting whenever possible.  I even won an award at Iowa State, for a watercolor painting.  This one:  photo 2Anyway, the point is that though a bit rusty with the medium, I was excited to dive in and explore it again, after the extensive hiatus.  I painted a bunch of Iceland inspired watercolors before decided to paint fire.  It was ironic to paint fire with the wet on wet watercolor technique.  Although, surprisingly, a firey likeness came from the watery brush.  I am very happy with these paintings, which are the beginning of something more…

IMG_8758Lastly, I must mention that I’ve been thinking about Iceland a lot lately.  I have been there twice, and it is out-of-this-world amazing.  I told my family, that this is where we will escape to if the next presidential election does not go in our favor.  The idea of hiking on the disappearing glaciers once more, drinking the pure water, and living among people who bang pots and pans when they protest their government is very tempting.  So, that is the reason behind so many Iceland inspired paintings in this show.  I hope you can visit and see them in person!  If not, there are more detailed shots of individual works on my Instagram page.  You can follow me on Instagram at emilymarkoulatosart.


1 thought on “Theater Lawrence Exhibit

  1. Exceptional show! Thanks for explaining your thoughts and experiences. It makes me appreciate your work even more.

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